How many bedrooms are there in Atlantis Dubai?

Atlantis, The Palm
Developer Kerzner International Resorts
Other information
Number of rooms 1,548
Number of suites Suites (Regal, Terrace, Executive) Super Suites (Royal Bridge, Grand Atlantis, Underwater, Presidential)


Can anyone walk into the Atlantis Dubai?

There's security at each entrance and without a wristband of the hotel you won't be allowed to enter. Your best chance of getting in is to book a table in one of their restaurants. If you are not a hotel guest you can visit the shopping gallery, the Lost Chambers aquarium and the Aquaventure waterpark.

Is Atlantis Dubai a 7 star hotel?

About Atlantis, The Palm. Luxury Hotel & 5 Star Resort In Dubai.

How big is Atlantis Dubai?

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