Can I bring alcohol on an Uber?

Drugs and alcoholDrug use and open containers of alcohol are never allowed while using the Uber platform.

Can I take alcohol on my Lyft?

Riders. Be sure to toss that adult beverage before your driver arrives. Open containers are not allowed in the car, and turning a blind eye to them can result in deactivation from our platform.

Can you have an open bottle of alcohol in your trunk in Florida?

You can only keep containers with a broken seal in your glove compartment — if it's locked — or in the trunk of the car. The only exceptions to this rule are if you're a passenger in a commercial vehicle — such as a bus or taxi cab — or if you're in a self-contained motor home that's in excess of 21 feet in length.

Can you bring unopened alcohol in an Uber?

Is it safe to take LYFT at night?

There's a whole nightlife of drunks that trust rideshare to get them home every weekend between 11p and 2a. Just confirm that the car picking you up has the same license plate as in the app and you will get the same amount of protection from Lyft as you would if you took a ride in the broad daylight.

Can you have open liquor in your car in Florida?

Florida law makes it illegal to possess and drink from an open container in a vehicle, whether you're the driver or a passenger. Along with the open container law about vehicles, there's also an open container law in Florida walking scenarios, which makes it illegal to possess alcoholic beverages in public.

What is the new alcohol law in Florida?

Previously, sales beginning at noon on Sundays were enforced in some counties. However, a new law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June 2021, HB 1518, allows retailers who sell beer and wine for off-site consumption, like grocery and convenience stores, to begin selling at 10 a.m. on Sundays instead of noon.

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