Is Greece a good place to swim?

Greek BeachesThe Greek islands with the best beaches are Crete, Naxos, Paros, Ios, Milos, Mykonos, and Rhodes. But almost every island has at least a few great swimming beaches. Naxos has the best beaches (but little nightlife). Mykonos has the best beach clubs (and nightlife).

Is there jellyfish in Greece?

Also known as “moon jellyfish”, the Aurelia aurita jellyfish is the most common in Greece's seas. Its “umbrella” is relatively flat and transparent with a white shade and four specific circles on the outer part.

Is it too cold to swim in Greece in June?

Greece in JuneJune and July is the best time to visit Greece for beach holidays. It's warm enough around the country now to swim in the sea, in fact… you'll want to. With highs of 28°C / 81°F, lows of 21°C / 50°F and an average daily temperature of 24°C / 75°F, this is a great time to visit the Greek Islands.

Is it warm enough to swim in Greece?

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