How many persons can ride in an Uber go?

HI Mitashi, we allow up to 4 passengers in Uber Go and above. However, we suggest you to confirm the seating capacity with the driver in prior to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Do I put my luggage in the trunk of an Uber?

Luggage. Most riders going to or from the airport will have luggage with them, and they'll probably want to put it in the trunk. If your trunk is empty, luggage can fit easily. Some drivers will help their riders with their luggage as well.

How many passengers can sit in Uber go?

Is Uber go cheaper?

Uber Go comes with smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles, with fares priced more affordably than before. Whether you're rushing to work, heading out for a night on the town with friends or grabbing a few things from the shop, simply select Uber Go for a lower-cost ride that gets you there in ease.

What Uber do I need for 4 people and luggage?

I would recommend an Uber XL. My car will carry 4 people but if all have luggage it will not fit. Plus with the current pandemic Uber has now reduced UberX rides to a 3 passenger limit and no front seat access.

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