How to pay for metro in Barcelona reddit?

You can travel in almost every public transport in Barcelona using an integrated travel card. The most common card is the T-10. You can buy these nearly everywhere, including at the stations themselves, newspapers kiosks, cigar stores, etc.

Is Barcelona cash friendly?

Cash vs. CardsYou will need some cash. Small businesses have credit/debit card minimums, especially at markets like La Boquería and Santa Caterina. Consider ordering some euros to pick up at your local branch before your trip.

Is cash widely accepted in Barcelona?

In Spain you can pay in cash in almost all cases, and usually only Euros are accepted. In some cases, if the payment is made through a machine, it may be necessary to pay by card. The option to pay with credit and debit cards, mainly Visa and Mastercard, is very widespread.

Can you pay cash on Barcelona metro?

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