When did the US stop bombing Kahoolawe?

1990Still, this “historic place worthy of preservation” was still being bombed with regularity by jet fighters. President Bush ordered a stop in 1990. Three years later, Congress voted to give the island back to the state and cease all military activities.

Why is Kaho Olawe uninhabited?

Historically, Kahoʻolawe was always sparsely populated, due to its lack of fresh water. During World War II and the following decades, it was used as a training ground and bombing range by the Armed Forces of the United States.

Do people visit Kahoolawe?

The island is administered through Kaho'olawe Island Reserve Commission, and is designated as a place for the perpetuation of Native Hawaiian culture. Access to the undeveloped Kaho'olawe is strictly limited and there are no commercial activities or tours.

What happened to Kahoolawe?

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