What is the best Cruise Line for service?

The best cruise lines in 2023

  • Norwegian Cruise Line: 86.72.
  • Royal Caribbean International: 86.69.
  • Carnival Cruise Line: 85.35.
  • MSC Cruises: 83.42.

Is Royal Caribbean a top Cruise Line?

That's why guests and travel experts continually recognize Royal Caribbean as the Top Cruise Line for families, Best Cruises for couples, and Best Cruise Line for first timers. And for 20 consecutive years, we've been voted Best Cruise Line Overall by Travel Weekly readers.

Which Cruise Line has had the most illnesses?

Those conditions have been met 13 times this year, up from twice in 2022. Four norovirus outbreaks, involving a total of 449 passengers and crew members, have happened aboard Royal Caribbean ships this year, the most of any individual cruise company, according to CDC data.

Which cruise ship has best service?

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