Which Greek island is best to visit in November?

CreteCrete. Crete is the largest Greek island and has some of the best winter weather. You can be eating lunch under a blazing November sun while gazing up at snow-capped mountains. It's also a fabulous time for hiking – don't miss the dramatic Samaria Gorge.

Can you still swim in Greece in November?

Yes, you can swim and safely sit in the sun until early December. There are some tips of course and best beaches where the waters tend to be warmer late into the year.

Is Santorini worth visiting in November?

November is a fantastic time to visit Santorini, offering a unique and quieter experience compared to the bustling summer months. While the weather may be slightly cooler and the tourist crowds thinner, there are many advantages to visiting in November.

What’s Santorini like in November?

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