Are MSC gratuities mandatory?

Most cruise lines encourage this, but MSC specifically says it “does not recommend tipping individual members of staff.” Even so, there is a difference between “not recommending” something and banning it. If you decide you want to slip some extra cash to a crew member, it will likely be appreciated.

Can you not pay gratuities on MSC?

Service Charges / Gratuities are included in the cruise fare. MSC Cruises does not recommend tipping individual members of staff.

Does MSC charge gratuities on drinks?

Can you refuse to pay gratuities on a MSC cruise?

When a cruise line adds gratuities to your cruise fare, you can usually ask for them to be removed. You would just need to visit the Guest Services desk and explain your decision, and the cruise line will remove them for you. You may be asked for your reasoning.

Is it cheaper to pay gratuities before cruise?

There are no cruise lines which offer cheaper deals on gratuities if you pay them in advance. However, it can be cheaper to do so anyway, as it can mean avoiding any price rises if you're booking at least a few months before you sail.

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