Can you get Eiffel Tower tickets on the day?

If there are no more online (elevator) tickets available on the selected date on our online ticket office, you can purchase tickets from the ticket office at the Eiffel tower itself at the individual rate, on the day of your visit, for immediate use (always depending on the attendance).

How long is the queue for Eiffel Tower tickets?

30 minutes to 2.5 hoursQueue at Eiffel EntrancesThe wait times here can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on the time of the year. South Entrance: This entrance, marked by the blue flag, is for visitors who are taking the stairs.

How do I avoid queues in Paris?

Buy a Paris Skip-the-line PassA Paris Skip-the-line Pass (or Paris Tourist Pass) allows visitors to save time and money thanks to its Paris skip-the-line tickets and many discounts. The Paris Museum Pass skip-the-line is the most popular Paris pass skip-the-line.

Is it easy to get Eiffel Tower tickets on the day?

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