How much is a driver per day in Bali?

Cost of hiring a Bali private driverThe cost of hiring a private driver in Bali ranges from 550000 IDR to 1500000 IDR (~ 35-100 USD) per day with a maximum of 10 hours. Or 375000 IDR to 1500000 IDR (~ 25-90 USD) per half-day (6 hours). Both options usually include the cost of fuel and parking.

How much is a taxi in Bali during the day?

A private car and driver will cost between IDR800k and 1,000k for the day, depending on where you book a reliable, trustworthy driver, which means at least eight hours from the start time.

Is 100000 a good tip in Bali?

Tipping in Bali: DriverThis is one situation in which I almost always give a little extra at the end of the service. Not a lot, usually about 50,000 or 100,000, equivalent to $3-6 dollars.

Can you hire a driver for the day in Bali?

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