What food is traditional in Tenerife?

Other typical Tenerife dishes

  • Wreckfish: This, along with parrotfish, is probably the most commonly found in Canary Island waters (and kitchens). …
  • Frangollo: One of the most typical desserts in traditional Tenerife and Canary Island cuisine. …
  • Canary Island cheese: The range of Canary Island cheeses is vast.

What is typical Canarian food?

Traditional Canarian food can be described in two words: simple and delicious. With the emphasis on freshness, everyday Canarian dishes comprise grilled meats or fish (tuna, parrot fish, vieja, swordfish, sea bass), soups, stews and vegetables – many of which are surprisingly hearty.

What is the typical coffee in Tenerife?

The Barraquito also changes its name depending on where you are in Tenerife. In the capital (Santa Cruz, La Laguna) you may have to ask for a “Zaperoco” or “Barraquito especial”. This is because the standard Barraquito comes as a “leche y leche” coffee made with milk and condensed milk (also known as a “café bombón”).

What is the food culture in Tenerife?

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