Is Saint Martin same as St. Maarten?

The dual identity of our island causes confusion about the correct spelling of the name: the Dutch side as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is correctly called "Sint Maarten", the French side "Saint Martin". But there are all imaginable miss spellings around; even Air France flies to Sint Marteen.

Which is better to visit St. Martin or St. Maarten?

Many people prefer Dutch Sint Maarten since it is more developed. This indicates that the amenities and services are more plentiful on this side of the island. However, those who choose a more relaxed setting stay at French Saint Martin. In addition, it has a more “Caribbean vibe”.

Is St. Maarten or St Thomas better?

St. Maarten also offers cruisers a great location to visit nearby islands if you've visited the island many times before. Opt for St. Thomas if you like feeling like you're in America, yet still in the Caribbean; you don't mind crowds either in the stores or on the beach; you want a choice of many different activities.

What is the difference between St. Martin and St Maarten?

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