Can I wear flip flops in Morocco?

Another tip is to wear shoes that cover your feet and not flip-flops / thongs or sandals. The streets are not fantastically clean and the sewerage system was non-existent and so wearing shoes that protected your feet from manure are essential.

Can I wear Birkenstocks in Morocco?

A cool shirt, shorts, Birkenstocks or Converse and sunglasses will do the job nicely. Dress for the heat and avoid anything too 'out there' that may attract attention. In the evening, linen trousers or chinos with closed shoes work well, as well as a jacket or blazer for the cooler weather.

What shoes to wear in Marrakech?

Are Birkenstocks good for Marrakesh?

If you prefer to avoid socks in warm climates, a sturdy sandal such as a Birkenstock is going to be fine.

Are sandals OK in Morocco?

As for footwear, comfortable walking shoes or sandals are ideal for exploring the vibrant streets of Morocco.

Can I wear sandals in Marrakech?

In the case of accessories, women travelers can enjoy using light-cotton scarves or Pashminas to wrap around their shoulders or as headscarves as they are extremely versatile in Marrakech. For their footwear, women travelers can wear sandals if they're not near the Medina.

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