Does Acropolis have an elevator?

Accessibility Acropolis MuseumEach floor has elevator access and adapted toilets. If necessary, wheelchairs are available for use free of charge, although the Museum encourages people to use their own wheelchairs.

Who can use the lift to Acropolis?

who is entitled to use it ? Yes, there is an elevator at the Acropolis but only wheelchair or other other kinetic equipment users or doctor's certificate holders (certifying that there is a disability) are entitled to use it.

Is there a lift to the Acropolis?

Is there handicap access to the Acropolis?

Is Acropolis wheelchair accessible? There is an elevator available for wheelchairs, people with diminished abilities, and any parent attending two or more infants on her/his own. The elevator is located at about 350 m. far from the main entrance of the archaeological site.

Is there an elevator to the Acropolis in Athens?

The inclined elevator leading to the Acropolis of AthensThe lift, with a change of inclination ranging from 38 to 78 degrees, connects Peripatos (an ancient road located at the foot of the Acropolis) with Erechtheus (the temple of the famous Caryatids), on the north side of the Acropolis, in less than a minute .

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