How should I dress in Greece in September?

Trousers & shorts: High-waisted shorts, culottes, and wide-leg pants should be on top of your list! Also, jeans are the safest option as they are always in fashion and go well with everything for a casual classy style. Sandals: Don't forget to bring with you a pair of flat sandals, ideal for both day and night.

What kind of purse to wear in Greece?

Crossbody Bag or Purse– If you are bringing a purse to Greece, I recommend bringing a crossbody one. This way you can keep your belongings and important documents close to you while having your hands free. Be sure you get a lightweight one. You'll thank me once you realize how much walking you'll be doing.

Do you need a jacket in Santorini in September?

It's 100% sure that you will need them. September nights can get cold, and as we have already said, the difference between the northern and the southern part of Greece is quite big, especially during the last days of the month. As a result, a jacket might be handy even in the middle of the day, in some cases.

What clothes to take to Greece in September?

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