How long is the ferry from Madeira to Portugal?

approximately 2 hours and 30 minutesThe fastest ferry from Madeira Islands to Portugal is from Funchal to Porto Santo, with a crossing time of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Porto Santo Line offer this route with 8 sailings weekly combined.

How do I get from Madeira to mainland Portugal?

Unfortunately there is no railway system connecting the island of Madeira with the rest of Portugal. Other than catching a flight, the only way to actually reach this destination is via a ferry or boat to the island. There are more than a few commercial ferries travelling to Madeira and back during season.

Can you get a ferry from Madeira to Portugal?

How long is the ferry from Madeira to Algarve?

After a two and a quarter hour turnaround, the ferry then departs to Portimão (Algarve) at 10:30, where she arrives on Tuesday morning at 11:00. On leaving Portimão at 14:00 the ship returns to Madeira docking in Funchal harbour at 14.30 on Wednesday afternoon.

How long does the Lisbon Madeira ferry take?

Going from Lisbon to Madeira, is not like crossing a big river in a ferry. We have ferries to cross the Tagus (Tejo) river from Lisbon but that is just a 15 to 20 min crossing. From Lisbon to Madeira, it takes around 2:30 hours by plane (flying time).

What is the closest island to Madeira?

Porto Santo IslandPorto Santo Island (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpoɾtu ˈsɐ̃tu]) is a Portuguese island 43 kilometres (27 mi) northeast of Madeira Island in the North Atlantic Ocean; it is the northernmost and easternmost island of the archipelago of Madeira, located in the Atlantic Ocean west of Europe and Africa.

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