Does Monaco have free public transport?

The free travel pilot scheme was due to end on Sunday, but has been extended. This was one of the National Council's main requests: to make buses free in the Principality. A two-month pilot scheme was put in place by the Monaco Government and was due to end on 27 November 2022.

How much does the bus cost in Monaco?

When bought on board the bus the ticket price is €2. This is valid for 30 minutes and you can change buses during that time. There are no restrictions on direction or bus route. You can also purchase a one day pass for €5.50, or a card with 6 journeys for €11 directly from the driver.

Is public transport free in Monaco?

How do buses in Monaco work?

Single tickets are available, along with passes valid for multiple journeys. They can be purchased aboard buses, from ticket machines and from the C.A.M. website See ticket and pass prices. An evening bus service runs across Monaco from 9.20pm to 12.20am every day.

How do you pay for public transport in Monaco?

Fare payment:Every passenger must have a ticket that he or she validates at the moment of boarding the bus; free passes must also be validated. A passenger without a ticket must buy one from the conductor, giving exact change (fares are posted at the bus stops).

How to travel cheap in Monaco?

How to visit Monaco on a budget

  1. Pick the right time of year. Even in the off season, the climate is still mild in Monaco – © Government of Monaco. …
  2. Choose accommodation outside Monaco. …
  3. Get around by bus or on foot. …
  4. Eat at the La Condamine market. …
  5. Visit the free must-see sights.
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