Can I bring my own seatbelt extender on a flight?

Extenders. Because they will not be liable. For someone getting hurt. If they were using their own seatbelt extender that was not provided by the airline.

Does Delta allow personal seat belt extenders?

Delta Air Lines does not permit passengers to use their own personal extenders, citing "FAA regulations" as the reason for this ban.

How many seatbelt extenders can you have on a plane?

Are American airlines seats plus size friendly?

American Airlines states on its website that passengers whose body extends more than 1 inch over the armrest, and a seatbelt extender is required, then passengers will need to purchase an additional seat. You should contact the airline directly when booking to make sure that you get 2 adjacent seats.

How do you fly plus-size?

Plus-Sized Flying Tips

  1. Choose your airline wisely. …
  2. Contact the airline. …
  3. Request a seatbelt extender. …
  4. Consider add-ons. …
  5. Check the aircraft you will be flying on. …
  6. Check the seat sizes. …
  7. Have your armrest up. …
  8. Discover other people's experiences.

How many inches are the seatbelts on Southwest Airlines?

Lengths by Airline

All lengths are given in inches.
Delta Air Lines 35 – 38 12
Hawaiian Airlines 51 20
JetBlue 42 – 49.5 25
Southwest Airlines 39 24
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