Why do Uber’s drive slow?

a fairly large number of new drivers on the road or new to the area who may not be familiar with the streets and are cautious to avoid missing a turn and thus earn the wrath of the impatient rider.

Can I ask Uber driver to drive faster?

If they are, in fact, going too fast, they may feel you have a legitimate concern and slow down. But they may get annoyed and take it out on your rating. If you want to go faster, then that is limited by what the speed limit is. You can not justify asking them to break the law because you are in a hurry.

Why do Uber drivers drive slowly?

Will Uber drivers accept long trips?

You can; popular rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft allow for long-distance trips. So do many car rental apps. Lyft, for example, limits any ride outside the pickup coverage area to 100 miles.

Will Uber punish you for speeding?

Yes they do. If reported by a passenger Uber will address it with the offending driver and after too many reports the driver's account could be deactivated. Uber also tracks how often drivers break the speed limit and how often they might run a stop sign or travel too fast for current road conditions.

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