Can I wear flip flops in Barcelona?

Don't: wear flip flops or open-toe shoesHardly anyone wears flip-flops here even, although the climate in Barcelona is quite warm. Flip-flops just aren't cute and we advise against wearing them unless you're going to the beach in the summertime. Barcelona locals sport the coolest jackets in the fall and winter.

Can you wear sandals to Sagrada Familia?

Full trousers or jeans are recommended options but make sure to wear light cotton trousers during the summers. Shoes – You will have a lot of walking to do inside Sagrada Familia. So make sure to wear proper flat shoes. Visitors entering barefoot and wearing open sandals or flip-flops are strictly not allowed.

Can you wear sandals in Barcelona?

Can I wear sandals to St Peter’s Basilica?

Handy TipsTrousers or skirts that cover your knees: Pants that cover your knees and long skirts or dresses can be worn inside the Basilica. Flat shoes: Go for flat shoes or sneakers. Don't wear heels, open sandals, or flip-flops, as it is a sacred area.

Can you wear sandals to Sistine Chapel?

Wear at least a t-shirt. Shorts should reach your knees. Sandals are fine but don't wear flip-flops.

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