Is now a bad time to visit Hawaii?

Worst Times to Visit HawaiiIn an environment as beautiful as Hawaii, it's hard to call any season a "bad time" to visit. But if you want to avoid high prices and giant crowds at the islands' most popular destinations, you might consider skipping the busy months of June, July, and December.

Is it okay to travel to other Hawaiian Islands right now?

There are no travel restrictions for travel into Hawaii from the Continental U.S. as well as travel within the Hawaiian Islands.

What island in Hawaii can you not visit?

NiihauThe Robinson family decided to restrict access of Niihau back in 1864, giving it its nickname of the “Forbidden Island.” They put a policy in place to ensure that all those born on Niihau would be able to live there for their entire life with limited exposure to the outside world.

How safe is Hawaii right now?

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