What are the cons of Islamabad?

What are the problems facing Islamabad? Like most cities in the developing world, Islamabad is facing insufficient public utilities, lack of affordable housing, commercial and office space, decaying public infrastructure, illegal and haphazard development, and rising slums.

Is Islamabad a good place to live?

Known for its cleanliness, organized infrastructure, and lush greenery, Islamabad is a haven for those seeking a peaceful yet modern lifestyle. With an abundance of parks, cultural attractions, and a thriving expat community, the city offers a balanced blend of urban amenities and natural beauty.

Is water in Islamabad safe?

The city's attraction as a hub for industries and opportunities has led to a sudden increase in its population, placing immense stress on water resources. Pollution, both industrial and domestic, has degraded water quality, rendering much of it unsafe for consumption.

What are the cons of living in Islamabad?

Is Islamabad polluted?

The current PM2. 5 concentration in Islamabad is 5.7 times above the recommended limit given by the WHO 24 hrs air quality guidelines value.

Is Islamabad water hard or soft?

Statistically highest hardness value (584 mg/L) was found in water samples collected from I-9 sector Islamabad. The lowest value of hardness of 265 mg/L was recorded in samples taken from Dhoke Kala Khan.

Is it safe for a single woman to travel to Pakistan?

Women travelling alone may be subject to some forms of harassment and verbal abuse. Gender-based violence is common in Pakistan. Honour killings and forced marriages are frequently reported.

Which city is most expensive in Pakistan?

The largest metropolis of Pakistan, Karachi, is also the most expensive one to live in. As per the NPMC report, it has the highest price difference of 94.81% between market and approved rates by the local district administration. The second-most expensive city in Pakistan is also in Sindh.

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