Where does Tenerife get all its water?

Most of the water that the city receives, approximately 70%, comes from its own water resources. Specifically, 62% comes from the desalination plant and 8% from its own galleries and wells. The remaining 30% comes from private suppliers, mainly from galleries and wells located in different areas of the island.

Does Tenerife have a desalination plant?

The first desalination plant began operating in the south of Tenerife in 1998. Tenerife also has plants for improving underground water quality by removing harmful minerals from water destined for human consumption.

Where do Canary Islands get fresh water?

Can Brits drink Tenerife water?

Can you drink the tap water in Tenerife? People in the Canary Islands tend to buy bottled water because much of the tap water here is desalinated sea water – it's safe to drink but not particularly pleasant taste-wise.

How deep is the sea in the Canary Islands?

There are also several minor islands and islets. The seven main Canary Islands originated as separate submarine seamount volcanoes on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, which is 1,000–4,000 m (3,300–13,100 ft) deep in the Canarian region.

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