Can you sunbathe in Cancun in November?

In November, Cancun's beaches enjoy a warm and inviting climate. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and water sports in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The pleasant weather in Cancun in November is perfect for water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and swimming with whale sharks.

Is Cancun cold during Thanksgiving?

The weather in Cancun in November is still comfortably hot. The temperature is around 80 to 85°F during the day, and it gets cooler at night, without getting cold. The fresh sea breeze is a constant, making it a fantastic time of year to visit Mexico's Caribbean coast.

What is the coolest month in Cancun?

JanuaryThe best time to visit is between December and March when the weather is most settled. The hottest month of the year is May with an average daily maximum of 33 C and an average low of 23 C. The coolest month of the year is January with an average daily maximum of 27 C and an average low of 20 C.

Is Cancun still warm in November?

Is November to cold for Cancun?

Average November high temperatures in Cancun still reach mid eighties with average low temperatures not dropping below 70F. In a typical November there is even one day on average where the average high temperature exceeds 90 degrees and pretty much every other day the temperature will surpass 80 degrees.

How crowded is Cancun in November?

While October and November are not the busiest time of year to visit Cancun or the Riviera Maya, there are some short peaks where the chances of crowds are higher. October 31st to November 2nd: Halloween and Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) bring crowds to Cancun.

How warm is the water in Cancun in November?

Monthly average max / min water temperatures

Jan Nov
Min °C 24 25.8
Max °C 26.5 28
Min °F 76.2 79.3
Max °F 78.7 81.5

Where is the warmest part of Mexico in November?

The Yucatán Peninsula, which separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico, is really popular, and you'll get lots of hot weather there in November.

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