What can my Uber driver see about me?

Before your driver picks you up, they know just two details about you: your name and your passenger rating. This rating is an average of what other drivers have rated you, as a rider, and you can see your rating under the “privacy” section on your app.

Can Uber drivers see passenger rating?

Ratings are anonymous. You won't see individual ratings tied to a particular trip or person.

Do Uber drivers see your trip?

At each stage of the trip, drivers only see what they need to know to pick you up and get you to your destination.

What can Uber drivers see about passengers?

Does Uber show history?

Details about every ride and delivery are available in the → History section of the app. Ride and delivery cards contain the route, price, date and time of the ride or delivery. Tap any card for more details: Pickup and drop-off addresses.

Can Ubers video record you?

Is It Legal for an Uber or Lyft Driver to Record a Passenger in the Vehicle? It depends. Uber will allow its rideshare drivers to record both audio and video as long as they do not publish it online.

Does Uber record your conversations?

All audio recordings are encrypted and stored securely on your device. Your recording will be locked, and no one—not your driver, not Uber, not you—has access to it. Uber can only access the recording if you report an incident and choose to share the recording.

Do Uber drivers see your address?

Don't share personal information with your Uber or Lyft driver. There is no reason for your driver to know your full name, address or any other personal information. Both Uber and Lyft use technology that keeps your personal details safe. Even if you need to call your driver before they arrive, your number is hidden.

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