Is Greece humid in October?

You'll be comfortable in shorts and t-shirt during the day, but you should bring some warmer clothes for the evenings. The average sea temperature's 21ºC, while humidity's low and ranges from around 45% to as high as 85%.

Is Crete dry or humid?

Crete falls into two climatic zones, with the largest part of the island falling into the Mediterranean and the south coasts and Gavdos island falling into North African. It has one of the healthiest climates for humans to live in as it is quite humid near the sea, with short mild winters and cool summers.

Is Crete humid in October?

Is Crete muggy?

Mainly, Crete enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot and humid summers. Winters are fairly mild and while snowfall is common on the mountains between November and May, it rarely shows in the coastal areas.

Is Crete dry in October?

Rain starts to pick up a bit after the dry summer, but it's still low at an average of 40mm over six rainy days. During October you can expect 11 hours of daylight with six hours of sunshine each day.

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