Is it rude to eat in Uber?

Only if you ask the driver. It's his or her car, not Uber's. My rule of thumb is “Ask, eat, enjoy, and tip generously.” And if your driver consents, I think you might want to consider leaving a bigger tip.

Can Uber stop for food?

Requesting stops at drive-thrus or convenience storesRiders can add stops in their journey through the Uber app before and during the trip. Uber says riders can add up to two extra stops along the route, but if a stop lasts more than three minutes, the passenger will be charged more, Insider previously reported.

What happens if you leave your purse in an Uber?

Call the driver — they're usually happy to return your belongings. The call button in your order history is active for 48 hours after the ride. More than two days have passed or no agreement was reached with the driver: Describe your lost item and we'll help you get it back.

Is it rude to bring food into an Uber?

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