Is it OK to Uber long distance?

Is There a Distance Limit for an Uber Trip? Uber doesn't limit miles, only time. Because it's a timed trip, riders can request multiple stops. It's best to talk to the rider before accepting the trip to ensure you understand what they expect from the ride and its duration.

Why does Uber eats say I’m too far?

If your restaurant is located too far away from a customer, they may not see it on their Uber Eats feed and order attempts may come up as “too far to deliver”. We do this to minimise the risk of orders going undelivered and to create the best experience for you and your customers.

Is 40 miles too far for Uber?

How many miles do Uber drivers drive?

It's not uncommon to find Uber drivers today working 60–80 hours per week and putting 2000+ miles per week on their vehicles.

Does Uber Eats tell you how many miles you drive?

The mileage Uber tracks for youThese days, the Uber driver app attempts to track all the miles you drive while you have the app open: your online miles. These can include the miles you drove on the way to a pickup, with a passenger — or UberEats delivery — in the car, and while waiting for your next trip.

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