Do you have to go through customs in transit through USA?

Everyone who arrives in the United States is processed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, even if you are taking a connecting flight that is leaving the United States.

How long do you need a transit visa for?

72 hoursThe Transit Visa (subclass 771), which is free of charge, allows the holder to enter and remain in Australia for up to 72 hours for the purpose of transiting. Please download the Transit Visa application form Form 876.

Can I transit through US airport without visa?

Do Indian passport holders need transit visa for USA?

The American transit visa is issued for people who have to transit through the US for different purposes. This is only required for nationalities that do not come under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), such as Indian nationals.

Can I leave US airport during transit?

Leaving the airport during a layover without a visa is a violation of airport policy. Nevertheless, if you just want to get through customs and onto the next flight, you won't need a visa. In short, if you have a valid visa for the nation you are visiting, it is safe to leave the airport upon arrival.

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