What is the most beautiful unspoilt Greek island?

Kasos is an unspoiled Greek island with incredible natural beauty, gorgeous sandy beaches, and whitewashed villages. There are five main settlements on the island, with the one of Polis and the port bearing the ancient ruins of the past.

Does Tom Hanks own an island in Greece?

Hanks joined the Greek Orthodox Church upon marrying Wilson, who has Greek ancestry, in 1988. The couple owns property on the island of Antiparos and have produced a handful of films about Greek communities, including "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," "Mamma Mia!" and both of the film's sequels.

Does Tom Hanks own a Greek island?

Before their marriage, Tom converted to Rita's faith, who is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. The couple owns a home on the Greek island Antiparos, where they purchased a plot of land to build their own house in 2004. And in 2018, they bought a second home in the Skala area of the Greek island of Patmos.

Which Greek island has the best charm?

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