Can you eat on the train in Barcelona?

If you are travelling with a Prémium Ticket on our AVE (high-speed), except AVE International between Spain and France, or Euromed trains, you can enjoy food and drinks in your seat.

What can you bring on a train in Spain?

You can carry up to 3 pieces of hand luggage onto the train, provided that the sum of the three does not exceed 25 kg or 290 cm. The maximum dimensions allowed are 85x55x35 cm.

Do trains in Spain have food?

Do Renfe trains have bathrooms?

ARE THERE BATHROOMS ON RENFE TRAINS? Yes, regarding of the class, all Renfe trains have clean public bathrooms available for all passengers during the ride.

What are trains like in Spain?

Spain's railways are the fastest ways to cross long distances with most lines converging in Madrid. High-speed trains and slower regional trains provide locals and visitors a quick, comfortable, and convenient way to explore the country.

Do Renfe trains sell food?

With Renfe, you choose:Enjoy our buffet car: stretch your legs and give yourself a treat, you have a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks at your disposal. Buy your cold snack and drink from the comfort of your seat with the mobile bar service.

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