Can you sunbathe in Malaga in December?

Malaga weather DecemberThe temperature's too low for sunbathing but you'll get some warm winter sunshine and just brief showers. Malaga's found on the pretty Costa del Sol coastline, in the Andalucia region, with 14km of sandy beaches.

How can I tan in December?

How to get a tan in Winter in 6 steps

  1. Exfoliate dry skin. When it comes to self tanning, exfoliation is the key to an even-looking, flawless finish, particularly in Winter. …
  2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. …
  3. Go slow. …
  4. Infuse the skin with vitamins and hydration. …
  5. Don't forget the face. …
  6. Target your tan.

Can you sunbathe in Spain in December?

How do you stay warm in Spain in the winter?

Wear high-quality thermal leggings, socks or shirts.However, it's important to note that the fabrics of the clothes you buy also play a huge role in keeping warm. Though they're not exactly breathable fabrics, thermal fabrics are the best things you can invest in.

How do people dress in Madrid in December?

What do people wear in Madrid in winter? While Madrid's winter weather is on the mild side compared to many other European destinations, most locals will still dress for the season. That means winter coats, thick scarves, hats and gloves, and warm, comfortable shoes or boots.

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