How do I get a refund for a Cancelled Uber ride?

Step 1: After cancelling the trip, access the 'Trips' section in the Uber app. Step 2: Select the cancelled trip and view the charged cancellation fee. Tap 'Get trip help?' Step 3: Opt for 'Dispute my cancellation fee' among the options.

What is Uber cancellation fees?

In Short. Uber India allows riders to cancel rides for free even after the driver has arrived if there are safety concerns. Safety concerns include if the driver asks riders to take an offline ride. Users can request a refund of the cancellation fee by following certain steps in the Uber app.

How long does it take for Uber to refund Cancelled?

We will always provide a full refund of the upfront price you were charged at the time you requested your trip if you decide to cancel it. If you were charged a cancellation fee, this might not be included in the refund. The refund can take up to 7 business days to process, depending on your bank issuer.

What happens when Cancelling an Uber?

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