What happens if you go through Telepass without telepass?

The barrier in the Telepass lane is usually up, but sometimes comes down if it doesn't detect a Telepass. If it stays up and you've gone through, continue driving to your exit and at the exit tollbooth, enter the cash lane.

What happens if I don’t pay at a toll in Italy?

In any case, if you knowingly or unknowingly fail to pay a toll fee in Italy, the bill will be sent to your home. You will then probably receive this bill from the Italian collection agency Nivi S.p.A. You may not receive the collection letter until months or even years later.

Do you need cash for tolls in Italy?

How can I avoid tolls in Italy?

Road Signs are Important When Driving in ItalyIf you follow green signs you will be lead to the Autostrada and tolls will be charged. If you follow blue signs you are not going on to a toll road.

How do toll booths work in Italy?

Closed system. Most toll booths in Italy operate on the closed system. Here, the driver has to take a ticket when entering and pay the toll cost when leaving the motorway. The toll cost is calculated based on the number of kilometres driven.

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