What is the cheapest form of Uber?

uberX is the low-cost Uber option, available in the same Uber app you already use. On uberX, you'll find mid-size and eco-friendly vehicles with rates 30% cheaper than a taxi. Uber's fare split feature makes these already affordable rates INSANELY CHEAP.

Is Uber one cheaper than Uber?

Members save an average of $27 per month with Uber One*Use your benefits wherever Uber and Uber Eats are available within the US. Uber One may not be available to members on a partner funded pass.

Is UberX share cheaper?

Matching with a co-rider is dependent on time of day, traffic, the number of ride requests, and the number of drivers available in a given area. Riders who use UberX Share will receive a minimum discount, and may receive more based on the time and distance traveled with a co-rider.

Which is the cheapest Uber?

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