Where does the worst turbulence happen?

The Equator is a well-known region for turbulence due to the strong upward currents and thunderstorm activity. Next in line are the subtropical and polar jet stream areas at the latitudes of Europe, United States, Japan, etc.

Where is turbulence the strongest?

Maximum turbulence usually occurs near the mid-level of the storm, between 12,000 and 20,000 feet and is most severe in clouds of the greatest vertical development.

What is the best altitude to avoid turbulence?

Well, considering both in-cloud and out-of-cloud turbulence, flight between 8,000 and 12,000 feet will allow for the smoothest ride, on average.”

Is turbulence worse over land?

Can turbulence bring down an aircraft?

Severe turbulence can cause a plane to drop so suddenly that pilots temporarily lose control. But, again, that's not enough to crash the plane. That's not to say it's never happened. In 1966, human error and turbulence combined to bring a plane down over Mount Fuji.

Will turbulence bring a plane down?

Yes. Extreme turbulence, such as that encountered in thunderstorms or in clear air, can damage aircraft and cause potential for crashing, though modern meteorology and pireps (pilot reports) have enabled avoidance of most of these situations.

Can turbulence bring a plane down?

You might be wondering, is turbulence strong enough to cause a plane to crash? The answer is: it's extremely rare. Modern aircraft are designed to withstand turbulence and continue flying safely. In fact, planes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can endure the forces of turbulence.

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