What is the temperature in Paris in September and October?

Average Annual Rainfall & Temperature in Paris

Month Average High (F°/C°) Average Low (F°/C°)
September 70 / 21 55 / 13
October 61 / 16 50 / 10
November 52 / 11 43 / 6
December 46 / 8 37 / 3

Is October a good month to visit Paris?

Is October a good month to visit Paris? Yes, October is a very good month to visit Paris. With mild weather and somewhat fewer crowds, October is actually one of the best times of the year to visit the City of Light. The main disadvantage of visiting Paris in October is that you might experience a bit more rain.

Is Paris better in September or October?

What is Paris like in September?

September temperatures in Paris generally stay firmly in a moderate range, with the only real surprises coming on days when the thermostat soars into the upper 80s and low 90s (31°-34°C). If you're planning a visit during September, do yourself a favor and throw 1-2 articles of hot-weather clothing into your bag.

How rainy is Paris in September?

about 2 inchesHow Much Rain Does Paris Get in September? Paris records about 2 inches (about 51 mm) of precipitation on average over the course of 8 days during September, making this one of the dryer months of the year.

Is Paris too cold in October?

The weather in Paris in October is usually quite mild, and you can always expect some rain. The average temperatures in October are between 9 and 16°C (50-60 F) and it rains on 8 days. But as you probably know, 'average' doesn't really say much.

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