What happens if you miss your Amtrak train?

if it looks like you are going to miss your train, even if it's ten (or two) minutes before the train leaves, call 800-USA-RAIL on your cell phone, say "AGENT," and change your ticket to the next train. Great to know. Thanks very much!Cached

Is it possible to cancel train ticket after departure?

No, you cannot cancel a ticket after train departure but you can file a TDR. Book train tickets at MakeMyTrip and get ₹50 off at first booking. My train got cancelled.

Can I cancel the train ticket if I miss the train?

How do I get a refund if I cancel my train ticket?

If you cancel the ticket online through IRCTC: In the event of online cancellation of counter tickets, you can collect the refund at the station from where you were supposed to board the train or from one of the neighboring satellite locations of PRS within a prescribed time limit.

Can I change my train ticket for an earlier one?

If you have an Advance ticket and need to change the day or time that you are travelling, you can amend your ticket right up to the time your journey is due to begin.

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