Is the 787 flying again?

Boeing on 16 March confirmed it had “resumed 787 deliveries” with the handover to Lufthansa. That aircraft, with registration D-ABPE, took off from Everett at about 15:50 local time yesterday and landed today in Frankfurt, according to flight-tracking websites.

Why has Boeing halted deliveries of their 787 Dreamliner planes?

Boeing halts shipments of the 787 Dreamliner over a flaw in the tail section of the planes. Boeing said the flaw in the tail is not a safety issue and planes already in airline fleets can keep flying.

Is Boeing delivering 787 again?

Have any 787 been scrapped?

Production ended for both the Airbus A380 and the venerable Boeing 747. Many of these aircraft were taken out of service, never to return. Now, a pair of ten-year-old Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners once operated by budget airline Norwegian Air Shuttle are being scrapped.

Why did the 787 fail?

As Boeing examined its 787 production, certain defects came into focus: improperly sized shims that fill tiny gaps between sections of the airplane body, known as the fuselage, and variations on skin flatness in certain sections of the interior of the fuselage.

Why is the Dreamliner better?

The more-electric architecture of the 787 Dreamliner family eliminates the pneumatic and bleed-air system. The electric system improves efficiency by extracting only the power actually needed during each phase of flight.

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