Is Maui or Kauai better for swimming?

Maui is known for its calm waters and great beaches. Some of the beaches in Kauai aren't as swimmable as those in Maui. The water is generally rougher, the swell is larger and some places have strong currents. This is especially true on Kauai's North Shore in winter.

Is it safe to swim in Kauai?

Swim at your Own RiskActual conditions may differ. Lifeguards are not always on duty or available. Always remain aware of your surroundings and exercise due care for your own safety and the safety of others around you. Always check for water warnings or check with a lifeguard before you swim.

What happened at Tunnels Beach on Kauai?

In regards to the surfing, this beach is known by many as the location of the infamous Bethany Hamilton shark attack that resulted in her losing her arm.

Are beaches in Kauai swimmable?

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