Is it warm enough to swim in Athens in October?

Early on, for example, the temperatures are still pleasant and the water is warm enough for swimming. However, by the end of the month, the ocean has cooled rapidly and it gets too chilly to swim or sunbathe. The average daytime highs run about 73°F (23°C) while the nighttime lows drop to about 59°C (15°C).

Can you go to the beach in Athens in October?

October Weather in AthensThe water temperature stays warm enough for swimming at the start of the month, but it becomes too cold for swimming or sunbathing as the month end approaches.

Can you swim in the Aegean in October?

Yes, you can swim and safely sit in the sun until early December. There are some tips of course and best beaches where the waters tend to be warmer late into the year.

Can you swim in Athens Greece in October?

Is October a good time to go to Athens Greece?

When is the best time to visit Greece? The best time to visit Greece is outside the busy summer peaks, during spring (April to June) and early fall (September and October). Temperatures are warm but not stifling, and you'll find that destinations are open but still relatively quiet.

Is the Aegean Sea calm in October?

In October it will be calm, relaxing and free of crowds. The climate is very similar to Corfu so the sea will be warm enough for swimming, but temperatures aren't as high as in the southern islands.

Is Acropolis crowded in October?

If you wish to avoid large crowds, especially during the peak season (April to October), the best time to visit the Athens Acropolis would be during the early morning hours or late evenings.

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