Do infinity pools recycle water?

Infinity pools are also environmentally friendly compared with many other pool styles. Water isn't lost off the edge of the pool; it is collected by the basin and 'recycled' back into the original pool. The pump that orchestrates this only functions when the pool is in use.

How do infinity pools not spill over?

An overflow channel serves to collect water spilled over from the main pool and feed the catch basin. The location of this device depends on the type of overflow; in the case of an infinity pool, it is located beneath the side(s) from which the water overflows.

Where does the water from an infinity pool go?

Does infinity pool need balancing tank?

There also needs to be a complex system of balance tanks and pumps to ensure even with ten or more people in the pool the water, the level will remain constantly overflowing, offsetting the volume of the bathers or 'displacement'.

Did infinity pool make money?

Box office. Infinity Pool grossed $1.1 million from 1,835 theaters on its first day of release. It went on to debut to $2.7 million, finishing eighth at the box office and out-grossing the lifetime domestic run of the director's father's 2022 release, Crimes of the Future ($2.4 million).

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