Do I need a jacket in Hawaii in January?

Weather in Hawaii in January: What to ExpectThe average daytime temperature in January is 70-80°F, with cooler temperatures at higher elevations. Nights and early mornings can be cool, so bring a warm jacket for evenings out on the town.

Is Hawaii too cold in January?

If you're planning a Hawaii vacation to enjoy hot, sunny weather, rest assured—January is still plenty hot for a beach vacation. The average high temperature is around 79 to 80 degrees F in January, while the average low temperature is approximately 65 degrees.

What do people wear in Hawaii in the winter?

Do people wear white in the winter in Hawaii?

Are white clothes worn in winter in Hawaii? By people who like to wear white, absolutely! Except at altitude, the temperature barely changes during winter. You could expect up to 90F during warmer days near the beaches, even in the dead of winter.

What are the colder months in Hawaii?

For most of Hawaii, there are only two seasons: "summer," between May and October, and "winter," between October and April.

Do you wear t-shirt under Hawaiian shirt?

Choose a bold pattern for the Hawaiian shirt and wear it open with a T-shirt underneath. It is a relaxed and casual look perfect for summer. You can also choose to wear the shirt inside the pants and close the Hawaiian shirt for a more formal look.

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