Is Trainline more expensive?

No. It is often cheaper to buy tickets in advance but Trainline will not offer any fares lower than those obtainable directly from the TOC's (train operator's) own website instead, and the TOC will not add on handling fees, etc. Trainline rely entirely on making sales to people who fall for their adverts.

What is the best train company to travel in Europe?

Switzerland's national railway offers the best overall service in Europe, according to a new report looking at how the continent's major train companies benefit different kinds of traveller, including families and passengers with disabilities.

Does Trainline always charge a booking fee?

Do I always have to pay a booking fee? No. Whether booking fees apply depends on your chosen journey, ticket price, when you are booking and whether you book on our website or on our app.

What’s the difference between Rail Europe and Trainline?

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