Do you use cash or card in Barcelona?

Essentially, yes. You can pay by card virtually anywhere in Spain – from large cities like Madrid or Barcelona, to remote villages on the coast. Some places though (like tobacco shops or bus recharge spots) do not accept card payments for very small transactions (under €10) so it is advisable to carry some cash around.

Is cash still used in Barcelona?

Payment in cash in SpainCash payments are only permitted up to an amount of €2,500 if one of the two parties trades commercially. For example, if you want to buy an antique for €2,900, you have to pay for it by credit card, direct debit or bank transfer.

Do taxis in Barcelona take card payment?

Barcelona Taxis Payment facilitiesYou can pay your taxi ride with cash or credit card in any of the taxis of Barcelona. If you pay with cash, note that the taxi drivers must have €20.00 of change. It means that the taxi driver may not have change if you pay with a high value banknote.

Should I use card or cash in Barcelona?

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