What is the smallest station in the UK?

The smallest one anywhere in Britain is Damems on the heritage Keighley & Worth Valley Railway in West Yorkshire. It's a request stop on the 4.5 mile-long route, situated between Ingrow West and Oakworth stations.

What is the largest town without a train station in the UK?

According to Wikipedia. Gosport is the largest, data taken from 2011 Census. However it does point out that you can get the ferry across to Portsmouth Harbour for a rail connection.

What is the smallest train station in the UK?

What is the oldest train station in Britain?

It was built in 1830 by George Stephenson for the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company. An attached house of 1808 was used as the station agent's house. Liverpool Road station is the oldest surviving passenger railway station in the world.

What is the smallest train station in Scotland?

Beauly railway stationBeauly railway station – Wikipedia.

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