Which airlines offer senior citizen discounts?

Know all about senior citizen discount on flights?

  • IndiGo & Spicejet: The budget airlines offer a concession of 6% to senior citizens booked through the company website or mobile application.
  • GoAir: This budget airline provides an 8% concession on tickets that are booked on its website and mobile application.

What is considered a senior on airlines?

Planning your tripTo find out if you can get a senior discount on your trip, select “Senior 65+” as the traveler when booking your tickets. All prices shown will include the discount if one is available.

Do seniors get discounts on flights?

What age is senior citizen discount for airlines?

least 50 years oldTypically, you will need to be at least 50 years old to qualify for a senior discount with an airline. However, the age requirement may vary depending on the airline. Sometimes, discounts are only available to those who purchase their tickets in advance.

How do I get senior discount?

To get the 20% discount on behalf of a senior citizen, a duly authorized representative must present these documents when paying for a purchase:

  1. Senior citizen ID or any government ID.
  2. OSCA Purchase Booklet.
  3. The representative's government ID.
  4. Signed authorization letter from the senior citizen.

What privileges do you get at 60?


  • State Pension.
  • Winter fuel payment.
  • Pension credit.
  • Healthcare costs.
  • Discounted public transport.
  • Attendance allowance.
  • TV licence concessions.
  • Knowing your entitlements.
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