Will Uber be available at 3AM?

Uber will pick you up at any hour of day or night. No matter what the time, there will be a driver around — as long as you are not in a remote area.

Do Ubers come at 2 am?

It depends where you are at 2:30am. But really no different than 7am or 2pm – there could be a Driver around the corner from your location, or possibly over 15 minutes away. Uber might reject your ride request if there are no drivers nearby (beyond some threshold) – but generally the “Service” is available 7/24/365.

What is the earliest you can schedule an Uber?

Request a ride up to 90 days in advance at any time of the day. Make sure to book a Reserve trip more than two hours prior to your departure to access the full benefits of the trip. To book a Reserve trip, go to the Uber app on your mobile device and: Select Reserve on the home page in the app.

Will Uber come at 3am?

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