What is a short vacation called?

This term combines the word mini, meaning “small,” with the word vacation. A mini-vacation is a short vacation, usually only a few days, that a person doesn't plan to spend too much money on. Because people often travel on the weekends, mini-vacation is often used interchangeably with weekend getaway.

Why is a 3 day weekend good?

Now, more research has emerged in favour of the new model: improved health. A new study(opens in a new tab) published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity has found that three-day weekends can support increased daily movement, less time sitting, and improved sleep.

What percentage of people want a 3 day weekend?

87% of workers believe a 3-day weekend is better for stress-relief than a longer vacation. Taking this type of vacation can keep work stress at bay. How many times have you returned from a long vacation in need of more time off to recover from said vacation?

How long is a staycation?

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